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Data Gizzard Plans

The West Central Wireless Data Gizzard now has the Lowest One Gig Data Rate in the Nation!

West Central has negotiated a huge bulk buy of travel data, and we're passing the savings on to you, so you can buy just the right amount of data in one gigabyte increments.

Almost anywhere you go in the state or nation, you'll only pay $10 per gigabyte of travel data when you use the Data Gizzard with your West Central Wireless rate plan. And, you can buy it one gig at a time. No other carrier in the country does that for you!

The Data Gizzard that makes this all possible is a portable wi-fi replacement that you use when wi-fi is not available, like when traveling to track meets, baseball, and basketball games, stock shows, spring break, summer vacations, back to college, or even business travel.

Smaller than a pager, the Data Gizzard can comfortably be stashed in your pocket, backpack, purse, or glovebox! And, you can share your data with up to 8 people on different devices (laptops and tablets) at the same time!

There's no contract required, so stop by an office today and start saving on your national travel data!

Staying in touch outside of your home coverage area just got a lot less expensive!

$10 per Gb!

* Up to 1GB of data on your Data Gizzard
** Requires $49 at purchase. Full purchase price refunded to your West Central account after six months of continual Data Gizzard service
- $10 per GB of additional data
- 1GB included in $10 minimum monthly price; all data rounds up to next GB
- Data does not bank, pool, or share
- Additional restrictions apply. See store for details.