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Does referred customer have to purchase phone? Yes


Does the referred customer’s rate plan require a certain rate plan? Yes – if the referred customer goes on a rate plan that is 29.95 or below, then both the referee and the referrer will get $50 Visa Gift Card. If the rate plan is 30.00 or higher – both the referee and the referrer will get $100 each (2-$50 Visa Gift Cards)


When do the referrer and referee get their gift cards? After 60 days - both parties must still be ACTIVE in the system.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and mailing after the 60 days


Can the referral be done at the same time that my referee signs up for service? No – the referee has to be in the referral system at least 24 hours before the 100/100 program can be initiated. 


What products does this apply to? West Central Wireless and West Central Net.  Referred customer cannot have been a customer in the last 60 days.  And the referring customer must be current (no outstanding balance)


Can a customer refer themselves? No


What will the referrer and referee receive - $100 or $50 in Visa Gift Cards that will need to be activated upon receipt


Is there a cap on how many gift cards a customer can receive? Up to $5000 per person/entity


If a customer already has cell service or internet but not both, can they be referred by another customer for a cross product? Yes, as long as the customer is not referring themselves.


Does the referrer have to be a current WCW or WCN customer? Yes and must be current (no past due).  The referrer can be an active user on an account.


Could a non-customer get a referee gift card? No


Does the referral program apply to each account activated or to each service activated? A referral will be paid for each service activated.


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