In order for an account to qualify for the business rate plan, that account is required to have at least 5 lines and be under the name of the business.

The lines will be grouped in sets of 5.

The plans include unlimited calling within the home area, Caller ID, and Voicemail.

Each line adds 120 nationwide minutes to the account. Those minutes are pooled together for all lines to share.


All Lines Include

Caller ID
120 per line

Nationwide minutes are pooled to be shared by all lines.
Airtime overage is $0.20 per minute.


Monthly Charges

Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Line 5


Additional Features

(text & picture)
Mobile Data
per line
per line

*Data = Internet access
*Mobile Data is pooled to be shared by all lines.
*The Mobile Data feature must be added to a line to have access to Data
*Data overage is $20 per 1 GB home or 40 MB nationwide.