3GPlus Information

3GPlus means faster internet browsing. Faster downloads (emails, videos, songs, etc.). Quick access to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. More great smartphones with fun games and apps. 3GPlus has up to 20x faster speeds from 2G. 

If you want to step up and gain access to our 3GPlus network, its as easy as a rate plan change if you already have a 3GPlus phone. If you don't, we've got a great selection of 3GPlus phones in our stores to choose phones.

The improved performance of 3GPlus speeds create data usage typically 5 times greater than that of 2G service, now while these data plans are not unlimited, they will produce faster load times during web browsing. Use of Wi-Fi can also achieve similar speeds and performance while helping to reduce your overall data usage therefore saving your money! 

Setting your phone to prefer Wi-Fi hotspots is a great money-saving approach to mobile data usage and can also help you achieve desired speeds while roaming (instead of settling for 2G roaming speeds). Did you know approximately 50% of all mobile data usage nationwide takes place on Wi-Fi networks?

More power and functionality means more power consumption used by your phone. Check out these battery saving tips for extended battery life!

There is an array of excellent data usage monitoring apps you can choose from to help keep track of your overall usage. West Central Wireless will also proactively keep you updated to make sure you are always in the know!

Did you know you can set your phone to a friendly 2G/3G setting which will allow your phone to find the optimal data service where available? Here's instructions for changing the settings our 3GPlus phones.

Go Green! Currently offered rate plans offer free e-bill. You can take advantage of this service and reduce your monthly bill by eliminating charges for printed billing statements.