Frequently Asked Questions

How to set my phone to 2G only?


iPhone 4S, 3GS: Settings > General > Networks > For 2G only, switch off 3G


Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note: Menu > Settings > Wireless and Network: More settings > Network Operators > GSM Only

Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus: Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > For 2G only, choose Use only 2G networks

Galaxy i9000, Galaxy S II: Menu > Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > For 2G only, choose GSM

Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Y: Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > For 2G only, choose the 2G Only Box

Motorola Milestone: Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks >
For 2G only, choose the 2G only box

Motorola DROID RAZR: Menu > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Select Network > 2G only

N8: Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Network > Network Mode > For 2G only, choose GSM

E63, C6, 5230, 5800: Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Network > For 2G only, choose GSM

Model: 9100,9300 | Software Verson 5.0: Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > Network Mode > For 2G only, choose 2G
Model: 9300, 9700, 9780 | Software Verson 6.0: Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > Network Mode > For 2G only, choose 2G

Model: 9860, 9900 | Software Verson 7.0: Manage Connections > Network and Connections > Mobile Network > Network Mode > For 2G only, choose 2G


What time do my night minutes start and end?
Your West Central Wireless night minutes start at 8pm and end at 7am Monday through Thursday. West Central offers the feature of starting your night minutes at 7 pm for only $2.95/month, per line.

What time do my weekend minutes start and end?
Your West Central Wireless weekend minutes start at 8pm on Friday and go through Monday at 7am. For only $2.95 extra, you can start your night and weekend minutes at 7 pm each night.

How do I check my minutes?
You can check your minutes online by creating an online account or you can contact us by phone at 325 944-9016, toll free at 1 800-695-9016, or by dialing 6-1-1 from your West Central Wireless phone.

What hours can I reach you by phone?
A friendly and knowledgeable West Central Wireless Professional is here to answer any questions you have about your West Central Wireless Service from 7:30am to 7pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Please contact us by phone at 325 944-9016, toll free at 1 800-695-9016, or by dialing 6-1-1 from your West Central Wireless phone.

When is my monthly payment due?
All of our customers are set to receive a monthly statement which explains the amount owed and when the payment is due. West Central Wireless billing cycles are the 16th through 15th of each month, 20th through 19th of each month, and the 1st through 28th/30th/31st of each month. Payments are due upon receipt and are considered late thirty days from the end of the billing cut-off. A late fee of 1.5% will be charged for all balances unpaid by the 15th, 19th, or 28th/30th/31st. Customer accounts which remain unpaid 45 days from billing cut-off are subject to suspension of service unless approved payment arrangement are made in advance.

What forms of payment do you accept?
West Central Wireless accepts the following payment types: recurring bank and credit card payments, all major credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash.

Is there a fee to pay my bill?
Absolutely not! West Central Wireless doesn't charge you a fee to pay your bill regardless of how you pay.

How do I set up an online account?
Click "Pay My Bill" at the top of the page. You'll need to have the following information available: your account number and your PIN number. If you don't know your PIN number please contact our office a 325-944-9016 or 1-800-695-9016.

How do I sign up for ebill?
Requests for your West Central Wireless statement to be sent as an E-bill statement may be sent to:
Within the request, please include your name, the name listed on the account, the account number, and an email address. Requests may also be made via phone by contacting our office at 325 944-9016, toll free at 1 800-695-9016, or by dialing 6-1-1 from your West Central Wireless phone.

What does roaming mean?
Roaming is when you make or receive a call from a wireless tower other than West Central Wireless.


What is the activation/processing fee for activating or upgrading with West Central Wireless?


Are there any Early Termination Fees?
$300 within the first two years and $200 within the final year.

What number do I call for Directory Assistance?
To reach West Central Wireless directory assistance dial 411 from your cell phone. Applicable charges will apply.

What is the charge to use Directory Assistance?
There is a $1.45 per call charge to use directory assistance in the WCW Home area. While roaming, the charges may vary due to the carrier supplying the service.

What is Wireless Equipment Repair & Replace?
Wireless Equipment Repair & Replacement is a phone repair and replacement option, offered by West Central Wireless, that covers any damage or loss to your phone that is not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Phone repair includes the price of parts and unlimited repair incidents. Full screen replacements are limited to 1 screen replacement per calendar year. Additional restrictions apply, see store for details.

How much does Wireless Equipment Repair & Replace cost?
Tier I is $6 per month with a $50 phone replacement cost and $35 repair fee
Tier II is $8 per month with a $100 phone replacement cost and $35 repair fee
Tier III is $10 per month with a $225 phone replacement cost and $35 repair fee


Can I purchase Wireless Equipment Repair without the replacement option?
Yes. You can purchase the Wireless Equipment Repair protection for $5 per month.

How do I add Wireless Equipment Repair & Replace to my phone?
Bring your phone by a West Central Wireless office and a customer service professional will assist you in adding the feature to your account. The phone must be inspected by one of our Technical Staff.

How many times a year can I use my replacement coverage in my Wireless Equipment Repair & Replace?
You can use your phone replacement two times in a calendar year from January to December.

What is your return policy?
You may return products to West Central Wireless for a refund on the following terms and conditions: Returns are accepted by West Central Wireless within 30 days after receipt of applicable merchandise. Returned merchandise must be in the original packaging in resalable condition. Cellular phone minute usage must not exceed 3 hours. West Central Wireless reserves the right to determine if product is in resalable condition. Bluetooth products are non-returnable.

What is your warranty policy?
Most products sold at West Central Wireless feature a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Original proof of purchase is required for all warranty procedures. Please contact our office to return a product for warranty repair or exchange.

How do I set up my voicemail?
To set up your voicemail press and hold the 1 key on your West Central Wireless cell phone and you'll be automatically connected to your personal mailbox. Follow the prompts to set up mailbox.

How do I retrieve my voicemail?
To retrieve your voicemail press and hold the 1 key on your West Central Wireless cell phone and follow the prompts to retrieve your messages.

Is West Central Wireless involved in my community?
West Central Wireless strives to be involved in the heart of the surrounding communities. We are proud supporters of several local and national organizations. To learn more about the organizations West Central Wireless supports visit our 'Inside West Central'.

What is the HAC and Rating System?
Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) for Wireless Devices

Hearing aids do not always function well with wireless handsets. Hearing aids operate by using a microphone to pick up sound waves, converting the sound waves into electrical signals to be amplified. Distortion or amplification of unwanted sound (noise) often occurs.

The FCC’s hearing aid compatibility requirements address hearing aids that operate in either of two modes – acoustic coupling (“M” rating) or inductive coupling (“T” rating). Hearing aids operating in acoustic coupling mode receive through a microphone and then amplify all sounds surrounding the user, including both desired sounds, such as a telephone’s audio signal, and unwanted ambient noise. Hearing aids operating in inductive coupling mode turn off the microphone to avoid amplifying unwanted ambient noise, instead using a telecoil to receive only audio signal-based magnetic fields generated by inductive coupling-capable telephones. The FCC’s “M” and “T” ratings indicate whether a handset can be expected to function well with a hearing aid and are generally marked clearly on the handset packaging. The “M” or “T” rating does not guarantee that the handset will function without distortion or noise, so West Central Wireless recommends that you test the handset before purchasing.

What are the levels of functionality for HAC compatible handsets and devices?
West Central Wireless offers HAC-compatible handsets and devices in all major price categories, including low-cost (“C” level) (<$100), moderate-cost (“B” level”) ($100-$250), and high-end/feature-rich (“A” level) (>$250). Costs generally correlate with the number of features, but, if though experience, West Central Wireless finds that a certain handset contains features that work well with hearing aids, such as volume control, it will be labeled accordingly with an “A” level for functionality. West Central Wireless’s sales staff is trained to assist all existing and prospective customers looking for a HAC-compliant device/handset. HAC-compatible handsets and devices vary in their inherent “levels of functionality,” but typically at least one HAC-compliant handset/device with features and services typical of its price category can be found that meets each customer’s price range.

What hearing aid-compatible phones are available with West Central Wireless?
Here is a list of the Hearing Aid-Compatible (HAC): Click Here

What is Lifeline and Link-up services?
Lifeline and Link-up are both Federal discount programs that are designed to give low income individuals the ability to afford phone service.

West Central Wireless is designated to provide this discount to individuals that the State of Texas informs us are eligible based on their income level or a low income program (such as food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid, etc.). Both companies are only eligible to offer the discount in certain areas, so if you believe that you are eligible for the program, please let us know, and we can check if your address is in area where we are able to provide the discount (this would still require State approval before the discount could be applied).

How much of a discount does the Lifeline and Link-up services provide?
The current discount rates, if you are eligible, are:
Lifeline: $8.25 flat discount in addition to not being charged from some regulatory fees that are currently billed on all cell phone accounts.
Link-up: If your account is a new activation, and you are eligible for the program, this will refund 1/2 of the activation fee that you paid. But this is only for brand new accounts (activation within 30 days from when the state verifies that you are eligible).

What areas are eligible for Lifeline and Link-up services?
Generally, if your address is in one of the following cities, and you eligible for the programs based on your income, you should qualify to receive the discount. If you have any questions or would like to know if your address may qualify, please contact our offices at 944-9016 or email us at

The cities that West Central is allowed to provide the discounts in are:

Sterling City
Robert Lee
Paint Rock

Where can I get more information about the Lifeline and Link-up services?
Additional information about the programs can be found at:
(select Texas, and the carrier is West Central
- this will give you the income qualifications


Tips for Preventing Phone Fraud

Many thieves use the telephone to commit fraud. These criminals are looking for unsuspecting individuals who will give them important information, like Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, credit card numbers or bank account numbers. Once they have your information, they use it to make fraudulent purchases, obtain credit or to access bank accounts.

To avoid being a victim of phone solicitations, hang up:

• if you don't know the person to whom you are talking.

• if an unknown caller asks you for your Social Security Number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or date of birth.

• if you receive a call asking you to provide personal information to win a prize.

• if you are called and asked to verify information about your credit cards. If the caller claimed to be a bank representative, hang up and call your bank directly using a valid number from a telephone book or the bank's web site. Remember that your bank will never call you and ask for your personal information over the phone.