Congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Carl Jenschke!

Carl has won Free Local Data For Life!

Grand Prize Winner: Carl Jenschke - Eola , TX

Carl Jenschke's Experience:

My WCW experience happened almost 3 years ago. It was the day our daughter Berkley was born. We were building a home about 25 miles out of Angelo and living in a 5th wheel travel trailer with our 2.5 yr old son. One afternoon in November, my wife called me and told me to head out to get her, that she was pretty sure she was going into labor. So, I drove as fast as I could from Angelo all the way to our place. After getting her in the front seat of the truck, she told me to call 911. I told her we would make it and we didn't need to call. She started to panic and then told me to call our friend who is an ob nurse, I did. When I got her on the phone, she heard my wife in the background and told me I better call 911. I have the nurse on my wife's phone, 911 on my phone, and I'm driving as fast as my truck would go. She keeps yelling that the baby is coming. I told her not to push. I'm thinking, she can control that. I know now, that's not the case. Mother Nature had already stepped in and this baby was coming! As we head towards the hospital, nearing loop 306/fm 388, my daughters head pops out. 911 says "Sir, stop and help her now!". I slam on the brakes, jump out, run to open her door and my wife is holding our daughter. Within seconds, she delivered our baby girl. About a minute later, the nurse shows up and about 10 min later the ambulance. From the time my wife called me at 4:26p, to the time our daughter arrived at 4:58p, we were helped by our WCW phones, talking to each other, the nurse and 911. It was so chaotic that none of us even looked at the clock for the time of birth. But since we had the 911 call going the whole time, they were able to go back to the recording and tell us the exact time she made her arrival. They also gave us the recording of the whole call, something we will always have to listen to. During the drive in, I never lost service to either call. Thank goodness to our great WCW service we had that day to help us get and stay in contact with the right people for our unexpected arrival. Our daughter Berkley was born on November 5th, 2009 and was a healthy 9lb baby. Thank you WCW for being so reliable at a time that was so crucial and important in our lives.